How it Works

Go.TV OTA Antenna Hardware

Turn your iPhone and iPad into a Mobile TV antenna. 

Go.TV’s proprietary hardware will enable iPhone and iPad devices with OTA viewing capability – allowing access to not only Go.TV’s broadcast programming but all broadcast stations (NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, etc. ) free! No data charge, no cable charge…

Devices are coming soon! 

Go.TVs Market Penetration:

Los Angeles



New York
July 21′

July 21′

August 21′

August 21′

Most important, broadcast TV continues to be the most efficient and cost-effective platform to tap the mass market

Why pay to watch NBC, CBS, Fox, etc, on cable when you can get them for FREE, Over-the-air! 2021 will bring broadcast TV Direct to Moile (DTM) and make OTA subscription service a reality…

The Power of Free

Today, you only need a small $25 window antenna, and you can get up to 35 Prime channels and their sub channels, including the bid four, NBA, CBS, FOX, free of charge, Over-the-air.

(Except broadcast license holder must broadcast at least one channel, free of charge, over the air.)

Cutting the Cord

Consumers have embraced cutting the cord trend and moving to broadband (Netflix, Apple, Disney) and OTA (to continue to watch the basics). OTA HH’s alone have doubled over the last 10 years to 20MM, becoming a material part of the addressable TV universe.

Alternative Needed

Cable networks and other content providers that are only available on Cable TV, are losing eyeballs. They can only hope that consumers search for them on the internet. The need for and alternative distribution platform and be “pushed” into the OTA HH living room on OTA TV, along with the big four, is growing.

Higher Valuation

As cord cutting continues to accelerate in conjunction with other factors (e.g.: censorship affecting distribution, the need for an alternative distribution platform will accelerate, ultimately driving higher rates and higher valuation all without even factoring in the true value of the spectrum.